About the Friends

The Friends of the J. Joel Edwards Public Library do many things:
  • We help fund the Annual Reading Finale for children and adolescents who have participated in the Summer Reading Program. The finale was created  to celebrate the reading accomplishments of over 400 people. We started the finale 4 years ago.
  • We help with the purchase of up to date computers for the library.
  • We help fund visiting authors to our area.
  • We organize and stage an Annual Big Band Dance Fundraiser to help support our library through out the year.
  • We hold book sales and yard sales
  • We help our Library continue to make a difference in peoples lives!
  • We send emails, make phone calls, visit, and…. beg for money so that we can help the library continue to impact our citizens!
We need your financial support.
Will you help us by sponsoring a table, or tables?
Your support is crucial to our success.


Friends of the J. Joel Edwards Public Library